Compound I update

From Kirsten:

Here are a few shots from the Discovery Museum…while the space is not prepared yet, and the exhibit is scheduled for 2-3 months from now, ‘Compound eye/I’ is re- and pre- installed, ready to go.

It took a crew of seven people four full days to install the piece at Burning Man. In Reno, Mitchell and I had the new challenge of reinstalling it without rest of the crew. Immediate karma after putting our friends through all that work.. There were two days and a night of wild dust storms at Burning Man, so there was plenty of dusting, polishing and detailing before construction could begin. The original second sphere was large, making the upper spire reach the ceiling- not aesthetic and not movable. So, that section had to be re-created. All in all, a lot of work! But, well worth it. And, the novelty of seeing it completely polished day after day, without threat of dust, was extremely welcome and satisfying.


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