Chuck Miller

Dear YIY Community at Large:

As most of you have already seen on the YIY home page, Mr. Chuck Miller, a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, will be at our studio for 9 days to conduct morning practice sessions, workshops, and a 5-day teacher intensive from June 22 through June 29th.  The registration is now open. I hope you all can take advantage of this rare opportunity and participate in this all inclusive workshop.

Over the years YIY has been hosting many amazing Ashtanga Yoga Teachers.  While, once they are here, we participate and enjoy their presence, and become inspired by the wisdom they offer, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes that we do not quite see.   I have known Mr. Chuck Miller since 2003 and have studied with him any chance I have gotten and started asking him if we can host him at YIY. Finally, in the fall of 2011 he came here and we pencilled in a date. I still cannot believe that he is going to be here. I would like to invite all of you, not only those who practice Ashtanga Vinyasa, but the practitioners of other styles as well to participate.  Here is a YouTube video about his recent workshop at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. I hope you enjoy:

I would like to say what an amazing, strong, and loyal community of practitioners (both teachers and students) we have here. I love the fact that I learn and share with you all in so many ways on an almost daily basis. If you have any questions about the workshop please let me know.

Blessings To You All

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