Chai Cabinet Guidelines

The chai cabinet now holds these supplies:

* Paper cups.
* Sugar (unless there is an ant problem).
* Plastic spoons. Please rinse and dry them as part of cleanup. If
anyone would rather have metal spoons, feel free to bring them.

As Chaiwalla, if you are planning to use the supplies in the cabinet,
then it is your responsibility to check the cabinet prior to your
day, and to replenish as needed. But you do not need to use those

Regarding tea towels: we can use the YIY towels, or you can bring
your own tea towel, since they usually need to be washed every time.

We can also store mugs for people who would like to keep their own
mugs at YIY. Again, this will work unless the ants discover unwashed
cups with sugar residue. To anyone who wants to store a mug at YIY:
Please put your NAME on it.

I for one really appreciate all your efforts, because I love having
chai after every class. And I know I am not alone. Thank you


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