Carpool, anyone?

For the sake of all, we are curious if there are people out there wanting to carpool to next week’s workshop in SF with Sharath. The idea would be to meet at the studio at 5:15 am. For a headcount and so nobody leaves without you, could you comment here of and say what days you would be there?

We’ll do another separate post for the second week.

10 thoughts on “Carpool, anyone?

  1. Ray Clemo

    I would really like to, but don’t know yet whether I can. May have to stay in Burlingame and commute from there. Will post as soon as I know.

  2. Karen Rivers

    I’m intersted in carpooling and have not decided which days I’d like to attend. I’m open to going most any day that work for other carpoolers.

  3. Ray Clemo

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday yes, Wednesday no. Cell phone number in case anything goes wrong is 209-206-0690. (I will have the phone turned on for this, but generally it’s not a good way to reach me, since I turn it on only sometimes when traveling.)

  4. Arathi Ravichandran

    I am interested in carpooling! Am planning on going all week! please call me if you need any more information 4086004323. thanks!

  5. Anne Post author

    The tally I have at this point for the morning is Aravind, Ray, Karen, and myself. I’d anyone else wants to join us tomorrow or later in the week email me at annefinwtad at yahoo dot com. Cheers, Anne

  6. Anne Finstad

    If anyone wants to go tomorrow, or Thursday, you can call ray on the number listed above. For Friday you can email muself or philippe. Thanks, Anne

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