Sharath’s tour cancelled, see


May 5, 2009: We are sad to announce that Guruji has been admitted to the ICU. Sharath must return to Mysore immediately to be with his family at this critical time. He has asked certified teacher John Smith to finish the rest of week one in San Francisco in his absence. We invite registered and drop-in students to finish the week of led primary in support of Guruji, Sharath and family. If you prefer a three-day refund, please let us know:

The second week in San Francisco and the Toronto workshop will unfortunately be cancelled. Full refunds will be given. For information about San Francisco, please email: For information about Toronto, email

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. Please do not contact the family directly and check this website for updates on Guruji’s health.

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  1. Anne Post author

    Hey folks, to update you I plan to drive up Friday am to practice with Johnny Smith, let me know if any of you also would like to drive up and we can try again to set up a carpool.


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