Breakfast for Anne.

Before Anne leaves for her big India trip next week, a few of us thought it’d be nice to get together for breakfast. Sort of like a ‘going away party’ but without the formality. This is open to everyone who wants to join in, whether for 5 minutes or an hour. We will meet at the Dana Street Roasting Company on Monday, June 25, at 9:30am. If you get there before anyone else, please feel free to start staking out a space for us. Email me at: danielle (dot) tsi (at) if you have any questions, otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!

Dana Street Roasting Company
744 West Dana Street (a block off Castro)
Mountain View

One thought on “Breakfast for Anne.

  1. Jenifer

    Anne, have a wonderful trip! Enjoy, learn a lot, relax. I’ll be thinking of ya.

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