Beata’s Maternity

Hi all,

To keep this very simple, in short, we have a plan.

1. We will start with a transition phase where Beata and I will co-teach so she can keep teaching for as long as she likes. That will start tomorrow. Mojdeh will teach Fridays starting next week. Assistants will come back when Beata decides she is “finished.”

2. David Roche will be here Oct 16th for a one month intensive. Registration coming soon.

3. Through the holidays I will teach most days with help from Dave Hamilton, Mojdeh, Philippe, and our wonderful assistants as necessary.

4. In January ideally we will be able to go back to a co-teaching schedule.  We will keep you posted. Our ideal is to be able to teach together and have the numbers to support that. That’s where you come in. 🙂

Hope to see you all soon on your mat,


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