Hi all,

I am back and getting my feet on the ground here in Mountain View. It has been a great treat to see most all of you back on the mat this past week. This is a special community and much as I love being in India it’s really good to be back with you.

If you haven’t noticed already this week, we are continuing to offer Mysore class from 6-830 am for the foreseeable future during the week, with assistants as appropriate. Sundays and Fridays will continue to follow the regular schedule as per the YiY website. I will be teaching daily and Beata will rejoin me as a soon as her wrist allows.

For the immediate future we will have chanting at 7:00 am Sundays but not during the week.

Also registration for Peter Sanson Oct 3-5th and Dr Rao later in October will be up on the YiY site quite soon.

Leigha and I had planned that she would be back for a teaching visit Sept. 10th to 30th, but she has let me know that her mother will be needing more time in September so she can’t be available during that time. I believe with a little luck we will have Beata back teaching sometime during those weeks. Go Beata go!

And finally Jennifer Morrison will be in town from Maine for Peter Sanson’s workshop Oct 3rd-5th and is looking for a place to stay. Email me and I’ll put you in touch if you can help her.


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