baby! :)

hi all,

i know it’s been over a year since i was practicing regularly with y’all in mountain view, and probably there are lots of new faces who have no idea who i am – but, anyways, b/c so many of you very much feel like part of my yoga family:

i wanted to let those of you who don’t know yet know i’m also pregnant with our first child. she’s a girl 🙂 due in early january 2009. we are planning a homebirth with midwife.

had a lot of headaches & fatigue 1st trimester but am feeling way better this trimester. i no longer set the alarm for yoga practice & am really into just being chill – across all aspects of life. if i wake up in time & feel good, i go; if not, i just practice on my own, take a class of another style of yoga later in the day, or walk/swim as feels right.

love, antonia

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