Baby Arrival: This time it’s a little girl!

From Anne and Einar Finstad:

Hi there,

I know some of you have had other announcements, so forgive if its a repeat. Also I tried to text many of you from the hospital in the cases I had your mobile numbers, but many of them bounced, so you may have been waiting very patiently.

In any case this is Aurora Lane Finstad, she joined us at 3:43 am on her due date, 1/28/08. We have many more pics but this is the one I didn’t have to download that I like… It shows her face and that she has Einar’s long fingers (and arms and legs. We will have more pics soon.

So stats: 7 lbs, 12 oz, 21 inches (not 22 as was reported earlier). 29 hours of labor, we had an epideral but no C section. She was posterior, and she managed to push herself out of the womb between pushes, crying immediately upon entry, and she surprised us all by being an Aurora Lane… She’s very sweet and mellow, and is very into eating and sleeping… and eating and sleeping. We really appreciate everyones good thoughts as we’ve been through this entire process, its been very emotional for us, and we just are in heaven right now with her. Can’t wait for those of you who can to meet her.

All the best,

Anne and Einar

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