Ashtanga in Geneva

I had the opportunity to take 2 classes at a new ashtanga studio in Geneva, Switzerland called Yoga-Asana.

The studio opened last October and it is the first in Geneva, a town of 400,000. I went to the Friday noon class with my aunt and cousin, neither of whom had doen yoga before. It is a small studio, so the 3 of us took up a whole half of a room. You could squeeze 8 students if you had to. The teacher Sophie was very good with the beginners.

The Saturday class was the only Mysore class of the week, taught by Gwendal. It reminded me of the situation at YiY when we were trying to start a Mysore program 3 years ago with a sole Friday morning class. The class was well attended, with 7 students turning up. It felt as if the room was packed and there was a good energy in the room.

Afterwards I went out for tea with Gwendal and the studio owner Eddie. They were very friendly and approachable. I recommended they stick to what they are doing and the program should grow naturally over the next few years. They are already looking for a new location as it’s too small. Watch this space!

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