Asanas : From Mythology to Healing Powers

The Hata Yoga Pradipika says that Mayurasana stimulates the digestive fire, incinerates the bad food that was consumed and even makes the deadly Kalakuta poison digestible.

Whether it destroys poison or not, Asanas definitely work wonders on our body and the mind. To be able to wake up early in the morning and practice Asanas for an hour and a half is not easy especially when we have deadlines at work, children to take care of or just feeling like a ship tossed by a tempest in the current situation. Nevertheless, householders (not just ascetics) have done this for thousands of years to this very day.

For me, one of the greatest pleasures of reading up about Yoga Asanas is the transformation it has brought about in the lives of people as described in their own words. BKS Iyengar famously said, “I was born with a gift, a gift of illness. … Yoga not only cured me but made me impart this knowledge to Millions worldwide”.

To this effect I would like to organize a 1 hour online program where people can come together and describe how yoga has benefited them, someone they know or someone they have read about. I am happy to give a 20 minute presentation overview of the History of Asanas from ancient texts and some of the benefits attributed to the performance of these Asanas. The idea is to motivate each other on this path.

Since this needs live participation, I would like to get your feedback (by commenting on this thread) whether you would be interested in attending (even if you just want to listen) and also get a few suitable times from you. I am thinking May 16 or 17 (weekend) would be a good time for this. You can also email me at:

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