So I’m waiting for Aurora to wake up. I woke at 11 pm and expect her to wake around 200 am. Didn’t really manage to do the keep her awake thing the first night.

The fan is on, it goes from a lazy whir to a super animated irregular electricity pace by the minute, a constant subtle reminder that electricity in India is a gift. At eleven the traffic noise was a constant presence but that has given way to the chorus of the local dogs as they go over the days events. It’s all especially amusing as I’m not trying to sleep.

Aurora is sprawled out on the bed beside me. We bought sheets today. Retrieved some money and visited where we will take up residence tomorrow. Met the lovely young Jedediah and checked out the roof. That’s a good day in Mysore. The phone guru here informed me that the old SIM card for the phone would no longer work on the brought phone, but that suited me as I had managed to lose the number and it was a dollar (and a passport photo, and copies of my signed visa page, passport photo page too). You need a lot of copies of those things to be installed in Mysore. ;-). Still we managed to get out of there before Aurora lost her cool. Amazing feat in India.

Aurora is on this tack of seeing if she can really gross me out. It’s kinda cool in an awful way. We found one more tick (engorged) on Apollo the dog before we left home and Aurora the scientist wanted to see if she put it in a bag whether it would have babies. Gross right? Well we finally talked to her Dad on Skype this morning while sitting there for breakfast at the hotel and he informed Aurora that the tick had indeed laid eggs per what a Googled website said it would do. Aurora is ecstatic with glee, jumping up and down, and of course has to tell the German lady traveller dining beside us all about the tick and the eggs. Lady had just come back from Goa and she took it well.

Tomorrow will be a race to get registered as the first 55 students will be in the early class on Sunday. Hmm I wonder how relaxed all of us teachers enrolled in the special course can be?

Our little babysitting co op is to depend on me being in the second group. And when you are parents or babysitting for parents you get to practice when you need to. So I would think I can be a detached observer of the fray. 😉

It will be a week of primary before regular practice next week. That sounds really really good right now.

India is still India. Each year it seems like there are more billboards, and more tall buildings being built, and more noisy traffic. It’s hard to tell how much my nostalgia has colored these impressions. I do feel wary of what I perceive and the change, but also happy for India.

I doubt that India could ever lose it’s soul. It is still a place based on relationship. Getting anything done here requires persistence and patience and good will. If you are nice and show up (sometimes a few extra times) and let people help you they will. And still things will happen, people will try to rip you off, but at least right now, after two years away, I am thrilled to be back here. You take the good with the bad like everywhere else. If you are tuned in at all you can’t help but be changed by India. There is a subtle hum here that I’ve never found anywhere else.

Not so much else to say right now. Just time to sit back and take it all in.

From Mysore with love,


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