Anyone need a personal chef?

There’s an ashtangi looking for a chance to cook in exchange for room and board until 11/28. From Gabriel:

To describe myself in brief, I am a traveling ashtangi chef. I travel asia and the States finding work cooking, usually with some kind of connection to a local ashtanga community. I very much love cooking and am well versed in a number of different cuisines. From Thai to Japanese and beyond.

Ideally, I am asking for an exchange for room and board and classes. I am a professional cook, and I cook very well, but I would be happy to clean or do whatever else necessary to make the exchange win win and positive. My priorities are a place to stay and a place to practice daily. I can afford to pay for my own food and some more than that…

Recently it has been my great pleasure to travel from place to place and cook for people, providing healthy nourishing and delicious food in exchange for a living space. Usually this is in connection to ashtanga yoga in some way… It has been a very rewarding experience for myself and the others I have spent time with in Japan and California…

I am a calm and warm hearted person, and my food is healthy, delicious, and filled with love. If any of what i’ve written resonates with either one of you please write me back šŸ™‚

If you would like to talk to him ask me or Philippe and we will give you his email address.





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