Anne’s Chai Recipe

Due to popular demand and for easy reference, here’s Anne Finstad’s Chai Recipe:

Annes Chai Recipe

Chai (Anne’s)
Makes approximately 3 quarts

6 cups water
10 sticks (1.2 oz) cinnamon, crushed
3 oz (6 inches) ginger, grated
.2 oz cloves

.1 oz fennel
.1 oz peppercorns
.1 oz cardamon
.8 oz black tea
1/4 cup sugar(optional)

Add at the end:
2 quarts soy milk (Silk)
1. Bring water to hard boil. Add ginger, cinnamon and cloves, and continue boiling on medium
for 15 minutes, preferably covered.
2. Grind fennel, cardamom and peppercorns in a spice or coffee grinder. Add the
spices and black tea to boiling mixture. Continue hard boil for ­4 minutes.
3. Add soy milk and optional sugar. Bring to the verge of boiling. I like to leave it on medium so it
doesn’t boil over but you can do it on higher but you have to watch it. Remove from heat and

Typically student drink a double batch. If you double this recipe that seems to work well (if you
are the class chai wallah).
From the kitchen of Anne Finstad


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