Tomorrow May 18th, 2011 marks Guruji’s Mahasamadhi, or the day he left his body two years ago.  If you feel moved to bring anything to say thank you to Shri K Pattabhi Jois feel free to do so.

Personally I know I will be thinking of him a lot tomorrow. Whether you had a relationship with him or not, to know me or Philippe or Beata or Mojdeh or Dave or even yourself is to know someone who because of him has had some level of transformation in their life. I have seen so many people feel the effect of how he lived his life, whether directly or indirection, of all the days he got up early to practice and teach this practice for hours and hours. Whether he was a teacher to us, or a Guru to us,  I think the man deserves a moment of pause and remembrance. And practice: especially since he was all about that. For Guruji: “You go! You do! You take practice. Why fearing? Why stopping?” Ahhhh (grunt).

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