An updated list for Operation Shanti

Hi all,

If you still want to donate to operation shanti, you can still bring stuff to the studio for Stu to take over around July 10th. Please if Stu isn’t there have someone label it for Stu and leave it in the office. Tracy is currently looking after around 45 street kids in Mysore. Her operation is volunteer only so what you donate goes directly to the kids.

Thanks Stu for being willing to help schlepp and also thank you to everyone for donating for the books Mike brought back earlier, I just made a donation in the name of YIY to Onadi for $258. If you got a book and didn’t donate you can go to their website and donate on your own behalf. It’s all up to you, and thank you anonymously to those who have participated.

Via Anu Ganesh: “Schools have reopened and our kids at OPERATION SHANTI have become busy bees with their studies and tuition. Nothing gives us more happiness than to see our kids lining up each morning fresh and ready to take on the new day at school with their (huge) school bags (loaded with more books than they can carry ) and return home in the afternoon with something new they learned at school.

The new academic year also brings along with it the expenses of uniforms, books, bags, school/tuition fees, shoes & socks and several other incidental expenses. We now have 45 kids at Karunya Mane (our kids’ home) and every kid goes to school

Here’s a list of what we need for the current academic year:

– Long ruled single lined notebooks
– Ball Point Pens
– Pencils
– Erazors
– Sharpners
– School Bags (big)
– Boys and Girls undergarments (age 6 to 16)
– Shoes and socks (prescribed with uniform)
– Flip flops/sandals (boys and girls)

For donations in cash, please visit our website
Indian donors may donate through NEFT.

For an update on our kids please follow our blog:

Thank you for your attention and help

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