Amy Tigner is visiting!

Amy emailed me this:

Hello everyone from the big D (that’s Dallas if you didn’t already know). I am planning to come for a visit to the area next week and will be at yoga on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I would love to see you all, as I have been missing everyone so much. I was thinking that maybe we could all get together for breakfast after Sunday’s practice.

I have found a great studio here, but it is a bit of a distance for me and they only have evening practice. That is hard to get used to after practicing in the morning for so many years. Well, I guess we used to practice at night all of the time. They don’t have a huge Ashtanga following, but there are some die hards. Right now we only have one mysore class a week and the rest are led primary series. A group is lobbying for more, and I think the owners and teachers are amenable to the change. For me, since I can’t really practice second yet until my shoulder heals more, the lead primary isn’t so bad. At least the two teachers are both skilled and nice.

See you next week, Amy

2 thoughts on “Amy Tigner is visiting!

  1. redleafive

    Amy…I would love to host the breakfast for you next Sunday if you and Tom would like to come here.
    As usual, all are welcome and bring some food, drinks, whatever you would like. Tromp over after yoga to my backyard!

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