Albuquerque, New Mexico

I traveled to Albuquerque, NM for the Christmas and New Years holidays, and was able to practice yoga there as much as I wanted.

The YogaNow studio on Gold Ave. had a mysore style class (only) on Sunday morning. I was chating with the teacher, Jon, after class. He told me of a new studio had just opened up a week or two earlier that only taught Ashtanga yoga! Jon will no longer be teaching the Sunday mysore class at YogaNow by the time you read this.

Ashtanga Yoga of Albuquerque is on Washington near Central, in an area called “Nob Hill” that is being renovated. It is about a mile from UNM. I got to practice with two of the teachers, Jon and Heather. There is a third teacher that I did not get to meet. Monday – Friday they open at 5:30 am with adjustments starting at 7:30 and going to 9:30. Heather has a solid second series practice, while Jon is working on third series. The class size is small, and reminded me of the early days of self-practice at YIY. The first day I practiced there, I was the only student(!), but later in the week there were two or three other students. Heather got me to do tick tocks, and Jon gave me some pointers on jumping thru. I’ll need to work on both!

Jon and Heather mentioned that they studied with Mary Jo Mulligan, in Santa Fe. She is the only authorized teacher in New Mexico. Some of you may remember Jennifer Morrison, who taught here at YIY for a while in 2005. She is also teaching in Santa Fe now at Body of Santa Fe.

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