Adarsh and Heleen coming to YiY

Dear All,

We have very exciting news which we were all hoping for. Adarsh and Heleen Williams finalized their decision and will be joining us to teach the morning Mysore program from the beginning of August onwards! They are moving from Monterey to Mountain View.

Thank you all for your feedback and please continue letting us know so we can continue making improvements.

As you may know, Lizzie will be back to teach in July after the David Roche workshop. And we just confirmed that Leigha Nicole will be here this summer to teach 2 weeks, July 9 through July 21. She is a very special teacher and we are sure you will appreciate her.
UPDATE: Leigha Nicole will not be coming 🙁

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your endless patience as we navigated the process!

Joseph and Sabina

One thought on “Adarsh and Heleen coming to YiY

  1. ednnobis

    Our sadness will lead to your joy. We are students of Adarsh and Heleen in Monterey and their departure will leave us with a profound sense of loss. All the members of our practice group have come to cherish Adarsh and Heleen as they have guided each of us to explore the wonder, benefits, and possibilities associated with the Ashtanga practice. They are teachers and friends and we will miss seeing them each morning.

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