A note from Mysore about Guruji

Hello from Anne:

Its lovely to see so many of you practicing and on your mats, I look forward to catching up with all of you as the months progress.

For now, we’ve had an email from Joseph Dunham, who lives in Mysore and is very close to Guruji, our 94 year old Guru in Mysore. We expect to have a card at the studio tomorrow for folks to sign, and keep it there for a few days before we mail it off.

Guruji has dedicated his life to this practice, and sharing this practice with us. Its a very good chance to let him know how his work has impacted our lives….

Take care and see you all soon,


From Joseph Dunham of Mysore:

Hi Guys,

I trust all is well.
A new student recently asked me if I would read a letter if she wrote one to Guruji expressing her love and gratitude. I of course said yes. She did write the letter and when I read it to Guruji he was most engaged and moved.
It occurred to me that there are probably many, many students who would like to communicate their love and appreciation for his life work before the inevitable does occur, whether they have met/know him or not.
I visit Guruji every day and most of our time is  spent silently with little verbal  communication. Letters would  be a brilliant  gift to him as it would give him some heartfelt  purpose and stimulation beyond what is basically an existence. Guruji does respond very well to the most basic expressions of love (don’t we all).
I can tell you that the family is taking excellent care. Guruji is home, he is secure and in no physical pain. He is bed-bound but does sit up most of the time when he is awake.He cannot receive visitors that he is not very familiar with as this does cause some anxiety.
Please be aware of the fact that we are dealing with very little comprehension. Letters must be extremely Short, Simple and Sweet. Some days, like today, I would not even think to try to read to him.I have been getting emails, not letters, which I can barely wade through. Some big emotion is understandably there.
Please post and pass this message on.
Send letters (he does like to hold and look at the letters) to:
Shri K. Pattabhi Jois
C/O Joseph
328 11th A Cross,
2cnd Main, 3rd Stage
Gokulam, Mysore
Karnataka State, India
570 002
Namaste, Joseph

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