A different kind of confluence of events

Dear all,

So when we were getting on the plane to go to the ashtanga yoga confluence last Thursday Einar got a call from his mom. His Dad was put on hospice. He’s 88 years old.

Einar flew to San Diego and then on to Key West to see his dad. I went on to the yoga confluence with Aurora.

It certainly was a different confluence than I was expecting. Jen Dougherty was gracious enough to watch Aurora so I could practice in the mornings before she took her later shift.

It was a very interesting overlay to be thinking about Einar, flashing back to my own mother’s passing three years ago as I moved through another practice and this sort of event.

It made me remember our talks at the special class about death as an overlay to this practice. It makes it all not so important, death, there is certainly no taking your foot behind your head when the body leaves you.

And yet it makes it really important, too, to practice. To live, to do what’s important, to be there for your kid and your people, and to practice and do what one is called to do in this life. I found myself aiming to practice, to breathe, to be there for Aurora, and to love the people around me. I’ve heard my teachers talk many times. I didn’t need to hear every word but it was a gift to be with them and remember the special relationships that are there. I got my hugs. And I heard what I needed to hear. 🙂

The second day Aurora was over being at the workshops and she was just done. We ended up at Sea World.

Surreal though it was it was good too. She was with the boys she hung with in Mysore. It really was a chance to be with another kind of family. People were all really supportive. I can’t thank the team YIY there at the Confluence enough. They made peanut butter sandwiches, carried luggage, and just smiled when we needed to see smiles.

While I was writing this this morning Einar called and said his father passed away last night. He was with his family and Einar was holding his hand.

I’ll be home with Aurora this week until Einar is able to come home. Beata, Dave, Philippe and Mojdeh will be with you over the next few days for mysore classes.

If you want to reach out to Einar feel free to do so. His family wants some privacy so I’m not putting this on Facebook and if by some small chance you know them please don’t overwhelm them right now.

Thank you,


3 thoughts on “A different kind of confluence of events

  1. tuuli

    thanks for sharing, and writing in such a bright/positive way about challenging times. all the needed strength to the whole family!

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