A couple of great posts postings to read/General Announcements

The first is about hanging in there with practice.

The second is about practice in wintertime. Both are in a sense about “dispassion,” through all the experiences that arise with consistent practice.

Thanks and kudos to Philippe for the suggestion and Sabina and Joseph for the implementation of the humidifier for the studio.

Also we are implementing that Mondays is Walter and Aurora day, to balance out having kids around a little and not making their fun distracting wonderful selves becoming TOO distracting. That is to say you can look forward to Walter and Aurora being around on Mondays, but not every day.

Also if you are thinking of attending this coming Saturday’s Intro to Ashtanga special class either to Audit or formally attend, for your own planning purposes this will be more styled after a conference than a formal practice. IE expect to be doing yoga perhaps for an hour at most, probably less. The rest of the time will be question and answer/ the 1% theory that we do need to address from time to time.

All is coming. See you all soon.


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