The miracle of life

Hello everyone,

Most of you will know by now that I am carrying a little miracle inside of me. Adarsh and I are thrilled about it but he/she is teasing me with some uneasiness here and there. I wanted you all to know that this is why I haven’t always been there in the mornings in the past couple of weeks. I’m hoping it will get better soon.


3 thoughts on “The miracle of life

  1. Marcus

    We are all very happy for you! You should not worry about it at all! This is a very special time for you and taking good care of yourself and the baby is *much* more important than being there to adjust people 🙂

  2. Sue Y. Wu

    Heleen, don’t worry about it. We are safe in Adarsh’s capable hands. Take very good care of yourself. We want to see you and the little one well-rested and happy!

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