4 class workshop- The subtler dimensions of asana practice

I would like to offer this 4 class series to go over the subtler dimensions of asana practice as described in the ancient texts. “When one works at the muscular level, there is linear progress; When one works at the Pranic level, there is exponential progress”.

There is a misconception about the purpose of Yoga Asanas. Many think that asanas work at the level of the muscles to get more flexibility and strength. No wonder, you hear people talk of yoga poses for getting chiseled abs and toned arms. None of the ancient yogic texts talk about these muscular aspects. The yogic texts talk about the benefits of asanas at the level of the Prana to heal various conditions of the body and the mind.

Please find more information about this series in the link above and let me know of your interest by registering there. If you have ideas on where to hold it please contact me.

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