Bike Ride

Wow, we have a lot of great events coming up.

This is a bike ride for a good cause. Thank you to Liina for finding this and organizing.

is a bike ride event called “Wheel for Meal” on October 18th. It’s a bike riding / fund raising for meals for senior citizens program. I have created a team for us: YIY Cyclists on the event website. 🙂 There are 3 different options as below:

– 15 miles, $30
– 35 miles, $50
– 70 miles, $65

I registered for the 35 miles option. It will be a perfect weather for an end of season ride. I did the 35 miles a couple of years ago and it was pretty. 70 miles is kind of strenuous with steep climb

and if you register by 9/19, the price is as above. after 9/19 i think they will increase the registration fee.

this is the website. anyone who wants to register from our studio, should register under our team: YIY Cyclists.

If you want to contribute to the cause, you can also donate under our team. I set the goal very minimal so it’s achievable. 🙂

warm regards,

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