Lori reporting from Copenhagen

Hi all,

I went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago to study with
Lino. He was teaching Mysore for 5 days, plus having a
question/answer session the last day. I was there days
2-5 and missed the Q&A.

Pics from the trip are on

Here is part of an email from Jens. He and Susanna run
the shala:

the workshop lasted 5 days and we were in average 50
in the class per days in two groups. The first
starting at 6.00, 6.15 and 6.30 being almost 28 people
and the second group starting 7.15 and 7.30 being
around 25 people. Very intensive and everybody were
sweating. The energy here in the school is good and
for the regular students it is a boost to continue the
morning practice. We feel very lucky to have Lino here
as our main teacher.


Regarding what Jens wrote about the intensity, I
couldn’t agree more. My practice was deeper than it
ever had been. The elements of Lino’s teaching, the
heat (normally I don’t need a towel, but I did that
week), and the high level and sincerity of the
practitioners may all have contributed to that.

Also, I really enjoyed the “Bear in Mind…” section of the shala’s website:

It refers to questions or points that I, and many others, have had over the course of time.

Take care,


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