Upcoming workshops and guest teachers

Hi all,

So I have three upcoming workshops that I’m very happy to let you know about.

The first is I have just confirmed that Certified teacher Johnnie Smith will be joining us for a week long Mysore workshop June 8th to 13th. We will have a registration for this as soon as we are able and there will be a special price for Mysore members. Since this has come together pretty quickly after Beata’s announcement we are still looking for a private place for him to stay, if possible, in case you know of any housing available June 7th to 13th.

While you can read Johnnie’s bio here, I am
not sure it does Johnnie justice. I have know Johnnie for many years. He brings wisdom, presence and a special kindness to the mysore floor. He was someone that Guruji always trusted implicitly. I’m very sure you will appreciate his experience and the time he will spend with us.

Following my leaving June 25th for India, Leigha Nicole will be teaching for us for the month of July. For those of you who don’t already know Leigha, she is another lovely person with years of experience both practicing and teaching. You can find her bio here. You don’t have to register for this month and you can come on your regular membership.

Beata will return to teaching at the beginning of August and I will be back August 15th.

And last but not least again for those of you who haven’t heard Peter Sanson will be in the Bay Area 9/19 and with is at YIY October 3-5 for the weekend. This is another workshop I can’t recommend enough. While the registration won’t go up for a few more months I wanted to at least give you the dates early so you can be sure to avoid traveling during that time. If possible. 🙂

Take care and see you all soon on the mat.


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