Schedule for the rest of December

Hi all,

Just wanted to update everyone about some odds and ends over the rest of the month.

We are back to normal with a few modifications. I know there’s a virus going around and some of you have either left or will be leaving soon for the holidays. Rest assured if the cold virus or weather has kept you in your warm bed, we have the space heaters and thermostat cranking for as long as necessary to keep the studio toasty and warm in the mornings.

Beata will return to teaching 12/19, and I will leave for vacation 12/21, so you will consistently have one of us with you for the rest of the month, with help from Philippe, Mojdeh, Dave, and hopefully Hannah too. During the week Philippe and Mojdeh will teach the second half of class if it’s quiet, Dave and Hannah will assist if numbers warrant it. On Sundays the two teachers listed will teach together as listed. Here it goes:

Wednesday Dec. 11 Anne / Dave
Thursday Dec. 12 Anne 6-8 Philippe 7-9
Fri Dec. 13 led primary 630 am Anne

Sunday Dec 15th Anne / Dave
Monday Dec. 16 Moon Day
Tuesday Dec 17 Anne 6-8 Mojdeh 7-9
Wednesday Dec. 18 Anne / Dave
Thursday Dec. 19 Anne 6-8 BEATA 7-9 am welcome back!
Friday Dec 20th Led primary 630 Anne

Sunday Dec. 22 Beata/ Mojdeh
Monday Dec. 23 Beata / Dave
Tuesday Dec. 24th Beata / Hannah
Wednesday Dec 25: closed
Thursday Dec. 26 Beata / Hannah
Friday Dec. 27 led primary 630 Mojdeh

Sunday Dec. 29th Beata / Dave
Monday Dec 30th Beata / Dave

If for any reason we don’t see you before the holidays, I hope you have a very wonderful holiday season,

Anne and the rest of the gang at YIY

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