Update 3/8/12

Dear Folks,

We’ve been having some technical difficulties with this website over the last few days. If it seemed we were long silent it wasn’t intentional.

So on to announcements: Sunday night we will have sutra discussion group  at 7:15 pm at the studio. I believe the next sutra is 2:31.

Next, the time change is this Sunday morning, do not forget we are springing forward. As Elaine said Sunday will feel “normal” and Monday, well….

I am happy to say the piece I ran here already here on Morningmysore was published on Elephant journal, please read it and share it if you like.

There’s a link to it here. The title is changed but the article is the same.

I have a couple from Chico seeking a place to stay the Friday and Saturday nights during Tim Miller’s workshop, so if you have the space and would enjoy hosting nice folks let me know.

And finally starting next Friday, until further notice,  Mojdeh will be teaching led primary series at 7:00 am. If you need to start your practice earlier/ do Mysore style practice you can. But we have been meaning to get a full led primary back on the schedule for a bit, it is good to pay attention to the vinyasa and continue to deepen our understanding of the count and the practice. So enjoy.

Regards and see you on Sunday or soon,


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